The Best Cheap Auto Insurance

When you are looking for a new insurance policy you may have found that it is a lot easier to find one and sign up in the same day with the internet.  Insurance agents are no longer needed in most cases when purchasing auto insurance, however for more complicated services like life insurance, home insurance […]

Cheap Auto Insurance Based on Mileage

One of the contributing factors for the price of most auto insurance policies is the amount of mileage one drives each day. In the majority of cases, people with a longer commute to work will pay a little more in their monthly premiums. One of the biggest downsides to this is that many of the […]

Current Insurance Market

In recent years the insurance market has seen changes to its mergers and acquisitions. In 2010 the amount of acquisitions and mergers in the insurance industry increased by a significant amount. The mergers were largely seen with insurance providers as well as distribution targets. In recent history the merger and acquisitions of the insurance industry […]

Progressive Auto Insurance Company Snapshot Program

Progressive insurance company has always been at the forefront of car insurance technology and options. It was one of the first companies to offer online purchasing as well as monthly payments instead to bulk up front payments. They offer a variety of savings programs and work hard at getting their customers the lowest cost possible. […]

Auto Insurance Policies

Auto insurance policies were specifically created to protect three stake holders from any physical harm that comes with vehicle-related accidents. The first is the person driving, whose life may be on the line every time he or she drives dangerously. The second is of course other people who may be injured, or worse killed by […]

Auto Owners Insurance & Term Life Insurance

One of the most important choices a family can make is choosing to purchase life insurance. Having life coverage, no matter what type or size, is an investment into one’s family’s future and security. Auto-Owners insurance company offers a wide range of different life coverage options. Auto Owners Insurance offers different insurance policies in both […]

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  • The Price of Premiums

    The Price of Premiums

    A lot of car owners decide to focus on the price of the premiums that they are going to pay each month when they are purchasing a car insurance policy. This is not entirely right because the price and the monthly payments is only 1 part of the whole process. After all, car insurance as […]

  • Auto Insurance Policies and Plans Despite the Price

    Auto Insurance Policies and Plans Despite the Price

    For those who are looking for an auto insurance policy that would satisfy their needs and is affordable for their budget and don’t know where to look, then Car Insurance internet website is the best place to start.  This website allows the users and the clients to view various auto insurance policies form different providers […]

  • Insurance Analytics 2012

    Insurance Analytics 2012

    The very famous auto insurance company “insurethebox” has started to use a new analytic system application in order to firmly analyze and examine the habits and the level of recklessness of the driver who is applying for auto insurance. The results that are obtained from such analysis will tell the company if the driver drives […]

  • Auto Insurance and Licenses Suspension

    Auto Insurance and Licenses Suspension

    There is a very popular question that always gets asked. If your driving license got suspended for a reason that has nothing to do with anything driving-related such as not paying parking ticket, will this have any negative effects to the rates of your auto insurance? Unfortunately yes, if your license got suspended for this […]

  • Women Are Bad Drivers – Fact Or Fiction

    Women Are Bad Drivers – Fact Or Fiction

    The eternal question whether woman are in fact bad car drivers has been answered through a report that was released by an internet insurance company. This report was named “Women Are Bad Drivers – Fact Or Fiction?”, this reports approached this question by comparing the driving accidents, parking tickets, violations and insurance rate prices statistics […]

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